Symposium on mHealth

Symposium on mHealth Strategy for Latin America

March 25-26, 2011
(Hotel Sol de Oro, Calle San Martín 305 Miraflores, Lima-Perú)

March 25.

8:00am Registration

8:30am Inauguration: Dr. Zarela Solís, Vice Minister of Health of Perú; Dra. Fabiola León Velarde, Rector - Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia.

9:00-9:30am Keynote Lecture: Dr. Julio Frenk (Dean, School of Public Health, Harvard)

9:30 - 10am Panel: Lessons learned across the globe on deploying mHealth applications

Moderator: Walter Curioso

Speakers: Robert Mayes, GHIP AMIA; Brendan Smith, Vital Wave Consulting; Patricia Mechael, Columbia University; John Zoltner, Datadyne.

10:00-10:30am Discussion and questions

10:30-11:00am Break

11:00am-12:00pm Mobile Education Track: mLearning and Reproductive Health

  • Introduction (Joanne Campell, Ecuador; Moderator)
  • mLearning to improve training of health professionals in Peru (Katiuska Castillo, IMT AvH, Perú)
  • Wawared: Getting connected for a better maternal and child care (Peru)
  • CycleTel y iCycleBeads: Opportunities for using family planning with mobile phones (Jeannette Cachan, Georgetown University, USA)
  • Social investment for the development of technological solutions applied to maternal health (Rodrigo Saucedo, México)
  • Discussion and questions

12:00-1:00pm Chronic diseases Track

  • Introduction (Daniel Capurro, Chile; Moderator)
  • Mobile Telephony: a tool for diagnosis and self-care support in diabetes (Ilta Lange, Chile)
  • Using cloud-computing for diabetes care in Honduras (John Piette, Umich)
  • CareNet for diabetes (Ernesto Gozzer, Peru)
  • Use of cell phones for primary prevention of pre-hypertension in 3 countries of Latin America (Jaime Miranda, CRONICAS, Perú)
  • ViveSanoNET y Diabediario (Rodrigo Saucedo, Mexico)
  • Discussion and questions

1:00pm-2:30pm Lunch

2:30pm- 3:30pm Surveillance and data collection Track

  • Introduction (Moderator: Ernesto Gozzer, UPCH, Peru)
  • Alerta (Ricardo Hora, NMRCD, Peru)
  • PDA-PREVEN: Pioneering PDA at the national level for data collection of sexual health in Peru (Antonio Bernabe, Peru)
  • Experiencies with the use of cell phones for data collection in rural areas (Isaac Alva, UPCH)
  • EHAS (Jaime Vera, PUCP; UPCH)
  • Discussion and questions

3:30 – 4:30pm Infectious Diseases Track

  • Introduction (Paula Otero, Moderator)
  • Can mobile technologies facilitate the detection and follow up of patients with Chagas and Dengue disease? (Cecilia Cravero, Argentina)
  • Use of mobile phones to improve tuberculosis diagnosis in developing countries (Mirko Zimic, Peru)
  • Developing, Implementing, and Evaluating Tuberculosis Laboratory Information Systems for Resource-Poor Settings (Joaquin Blaya, Chile)
  • Cell POS: Going beyond Adherence: A Combined Intervention using SMS to Support HIV/AIDS Care in Peru (Walter Curioso, Peru)
  • Discussion and questions

4:30-5:00pm break

5:00 – 6:00 pm Panel: Strengthening Global Health Informatics Research and Training capacity

  • Moderator: Fernan Quiros (Argentina)
  • Panelists: Diana Huamán, PAHO Peru; Diego Lopez, Colombia; Carol Hullin, IMIA-LAC Chile; Patricia Garcia, QUIPU, Peru; Sherrilynne Fuller, University of Washington, USA)
  • Discussion and questions

6:00pm Closing Remarks. Walter Curioso y Patricia García

Rose Likins, US Ambassador to Perú

March 26

8:00am Registration

8:30am Introductory comments for day 2 (Patricia Garcia and Walter H. Curioso, QUIPU, UPCH)

8:45-9:45am Panel: Public-private partnerships

  • Moderator: Alvaro Margolis (Uruguay)
  • Panelists: Elizabeth Galdo, Movistar, Peru; Ricardo Zuñiga, Investment Project Office, Ministry of Health of Peru; Merrick Schaefer, UNICEF
  • Discussion and questions

9:45-10:15 Break

10:15-11:15am Panel: Policy issues on mHealth and eHealth

  • Moderator: Eden Galan (Colegio Médico del Perú)
  • Panelists: Andres Fernandez, Representative from CEPAL - United Nations; Nancy Gertrudiz, CINESTAV, Mexico; Diego Lopez, Colombia; Alaneir de Fatima dos Santos; Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais; Ann Marie Kimball, University of Washington, USA)
  • Discussion and questions

11:15-12:15pm Panel: What’s next on mobile health for Latin America?

  • Moderator: Nancy Gertrudiz, Mexico
  • Panelists: Fabiano Cruz, BID; John Zoltner, DataDyne; Joaquin Blaya; eHealth Systems, Nicolas di Tada, InSTEDD, Raúl Arturo Urrutigoity, eHealth Telefónica.

12:15pm Closing Remarks (Patricia Garcia and Walter Curioso, QUIPU UPCH)